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Pest Control Experts Offer Tips to Avoid Winter Infestation

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012 by Francine Maglione

Pest Control Experts Offer Tips to Avoid Winter Infestation - Image 1Fayetteville, GA – Winter is officially here, and as the temperatures outside start to dip, the warmer climate inside a house starts to look tempting to insects and pests. There are some precautionary measures to take to avoid an infestation this winter. The local pest control company Burroughs Pest Control has a few tips for homeowners hoping to keep insects and critters outside where they belong this season.

Termites, ants, bees, mice and many more types of pests are now looking to get out of the cold and find food, and they will be targeting homes. There are a few simple ways to keep these pests from becoming a problem, though. When it comes to insects, be sure not to unintentionally provide them with a small buffet.

“Eliminate all food sources, including spilled food and beverages, exposed garbage, and pet food,” recommends Good Housekeeping.

Homeowners should also bag or refrigerate ripened fruit, as this attracts insets. And make sure to seal any cracks and openings to prevent mice and small animals from getting inside the house. To avoid moths or beetles, keep clothing clean and in garment bags, if it’s going to be stored for a prolonged amount of time, and put foods such as flour, grain, pasta and dry cereal into thick, sealed containers. Pests like spiders and centipedes feed on small insects that live on dust, according to Good Housekeeping, so dust and vacuum regularly to keep their populations down.

To avoid a termite infestation, store firewood and scrap wood at least 20 feet from the home and seal all cracks in the house. The National Pest Management Association also suggests preventing water accumulation near a home’s foundation using functioning downspouts and gutters. Encapsulating a crawl space to reduce humidity will also help prevent termites. If a pest infestation does occur, though, it is important to hire a specially trained professional pest control company that will get rid of the pests.

Burroughs Pest Control has been offering homeowners, businesses, realtors, and investors safe, reliable, and dependable pest control services in Atlanta, GA since 1996. These services include complete termite control, pest control, rodent control, moisture management, and crawl space maintenance. For more information or to get a free estimate, visit www.atlanta-pestcontrol.com.

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