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Bed Bug Infestation Hits A Georgia University and Local Homes

Friday, October 8th, 2010 by Samantha Walton

Bed Bug Infestation Hits A Georgia University and Local Homes - Image 1Fayetteville, GA - Georgia just might be joining the ranks of New York and Ohio who have already declared this as the worst bed bug infestation in nearly 70 years. The bed bugs have infiltrated Reinhardt University and many local homes. With the expertise of Burroughs Pest Control, Inc. bed bugs will be put to rest.

A freshman dormitory at local Reinhardt University is undergoing scrupulous cleansing after a recent bed bug infestation left students up in arms-- itchy arms that is. Other local homeowners have also been losing sleep over bed bug infestations of their own.

Bed bugs are small brown insects with a flat quarter inch sized body. They feed off of blood and tend to seclude themselves in crevices, seams and within couches or clothing. They typically live for 18 months. If a bed bug wants to feed, it injects a fluid into its host, which can cause itching and inflammation. The bed bugs are not known to be poisonous as much as annoying and uncomfortable.

To counter this local influx of bed bugs, Burroughs Pest Control in Fayetteville, GA is dedicating itself to assisting those battling the bed bugs. For more pest control resources and crawl space repair information, please contact Burroughs today! What if pest control in Atlanta weren't difficult to find? Burroughs makes it easy, contact them today.

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